The Heart of Nature
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About: Username: Stawlinz
Server: Siel
Faction: Asmodian

Umm...hello... This is my...personal journal...of my travels in the land of Asmodae. I didn't think it was so big, but it is. I'm an orphan, lived near Lake Tunapre most of my a human. I just recently became, umm what's it called....Oh the name escapes me....OH, a daeva? Not sure what that entitles but I'm one of those things. -shrug- Umm...I guess I'll just write what I wish here....if I'm not reading....or cooking...or studying the flora and fauna.

Have a nice afternoon.

Oh and if you care to visit:

My actual account that I never really go on lol

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I can’t wait to experience these wonders of Nature!

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    I can’t wait to experience these wonders of Nature!
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