The Heart of Nature
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About: Username: Stawlinz
Server: Siel
Faction: Asmodian

Umm...hello... This is my...personal journal...of my travels in the land of Asmodae. I didn't think it was so big, but it is. I'm an orphan, lived near Lake Tunapre most of my a human. I just recently became, umm what's it called....Oh the name escapes me....OH, a daeva? Not sure what that entitles but I'm one of those things. -shrug- Umm...I guess I'll just write what I wish here....if I'm not reading....or cooking...or studying the flora and fauna.

Have a nice afternoon.

Oh and if you care to visit:

My actual account that I never really go on lol

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Aion’s Armor Update

These are pretty, even though practicality and all that.  

I’m also pretty sure I know who the artist is for this business, or at least someone who helped.  

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no you don’t understand I am so goddamn excited for this class

If DW7:Empires ever comes out they should retain the marriage system so that Zhong Hui and I can finally be united as one forever in uniting the land ♥


That’s the first thing I did in DW6: Empires, Marry my edit character (who was sexy as hell btw) to my love, Zhang Liao! <3 <3 <3

I hope that I can marry either Zhang Liao or Jia Xu in the next one o.o <3

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Q,Q !

This is what I’m rerolling Stawlinz as xD

So Kawaii!

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Rockhopper Penguin (by MetallichicA)


Rockhopper Penguin (by MetallichicA)

Anonymous asked: Y R U SO GREEN

I’m not sure by…what reference you mean by the word…”GREEN.”  Do you mean my skin color…?  Or do you mean, why I love Nature so much?  As on the matter of my skin color, I’m indeed green but…quite pale to most with the green melanin in their genes.  My sister, Severra, is a better example of the green pigment in skin color:

Even from what I can remember of my parents who disappeared when I was young, they too, were of this green pigment.

Now as if you mean by Nature and preserving it’s most wonderful treasures…well, it should only be a given.  I…we…can’t live without Nature.  For we feed off of it and it nurture’s us from the day we are born to the day we…die, and even thereafter.

I hope that answered your question, dear Anon.

You have a nice day.  Go plant a flower and nurture it and I promise you, you’ll find out how much that flower really impacts your life. :)

Hullo all.  It’s me… Stawlinz.  

So sorry I’ve been…away…I’ve just been studying the various fauna in Altgard (oh and playing with my spirits of course).  I found one type of fauna…that lives here that I particularly like.  They are wonderful, sadly, some I had to fight…for they didn’t understand that I just wanted to be friends….

Anyway, there was one that was really fond of me.  I would visit her…between my quests…until…one day…I found her dead, skinned and mutilated.  I had guessed the Mau had gotten her.  I was furious, to say the least.  So, though I’m not proud of what I did, I made sure those Mau paid for what they had done to my friend.  These are the only pictures I have of her…

I just wish I coulda saved her…





i wanna rp but the person i rp with is offline

i wanna rp but the person i rp with is online but doesn’t want to

i wanna rp but i have no one to rp with 

I wanna rp but I can’t rp

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